Feds Bust Sites That Sold Fake Data Featured

By Staff Writer September 25, 2018

The operators of websites that sold fake documents used to facilitate identity theft and other frauds have agreed to permanently shut down their businesses as part of separate settlements with the Federal Trade Commission.

In separate cases filed by the FTC, the commission alleged that Katrina Moore, Steven Simmons, and George Jiri Strnad II and their affiliated companies operated websites that sold customers a variety of fake financial and other documents – such as pay stubs, income tax forms, and medical statements – which can be used to facilitate identity theft, tax fraud, and other crimes.

The commission noted in all three complaints that fake financial and identification documents can be used to commit identity theft and loan fraud. Identity thieves can use fake documents to apply for credit cards along with stolen personal information. When an identity thief fails to pay the credit card bill, the victim’s credit suffers.

The sites offered by the defendants claimed that the fake documents were for “novelty” and “entertainment” purposes but failed to clearly and prominently mark such documents as being for such purposes and did not state on the documents themselves that they were fake, according to the complaints.

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