recently teamed up with Cartender, a provider of digital marketing technology, to provide dealers with video advertising.

With the growing shift away from television toward smartphones and tablets, and Cartender will provide high quality video ads for dealers across these digital platforms.

With this enhanced technology, provides the details that dealerships want to highlight, such as their incentives, vehicle imagery and branding. Cartender will then take that information and transform it into compelling video templates.

ClearPathGPS is introducing a fully integrated dash camera solution from Owlcam, which adds video telematics to their fleet tracking solution. According to the American Trucking Association, passenger vehicles are at fault in 85 percent of truck-passenger accidents and without exonerating video evidence, commercial drivers are more likely to be blamed.

ClearPathโ€™s dash cam solution from Owlcam+ also detects impact or broken glass events when the vehicle is off. Video captured is seamlessly linked to GPS tracking data and provides two forms of proof in the event of a claim.

June 25, 2019 webinar hosted by Used Car News, featuring Lucas Hancock, Senior Director of Risk, NextGear Capital.

Interview with D.Hansen interview

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