Protective Asset Protection, a provider of F&I programs, services and dealer owned warranty company programs, has made available its library of professional development training courses to all dealership personnel and agents. This curriculum can be used to help industry professionals sharpen their skills during the COVID-19 pandemic and containment efforts.

The Protective Asset Protection Training Institute’s online training solutions provide the professional skills necessary for dealer and F&I professionals to be successful in today’s industry. Each course is designed to maximize content retention with engaging videos, study guides and quizzes. Users may participate in the online courses at their own pace, anytime and anywhere.

The firm stated, according to a recent report from McKinsey & Company, that companies will leverage training to survive and thrive in a post-COVID-19 world.

Auto dealers will need to leverage new resources in order to provide the right F&I product experience in a quickly evolving retail environment where digital and contactless transactions continue even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.


The 2020 Auto-ISAC Cybersecurity Summit, titled “Building Cybersecurity Resilience – an Attack on One is an Attack on All,” has been scheduled for Oct. 14-15 in Detroit.

Auto-ISAC (Automotive Information Sharing and Analytics Center ) is an industry-wide forum for companies to collaborate and identify threats sooner and share solutions to enhance vehicle cybersecurity.

General Motors will host the event.

The summit is an automotive cybersecurity conference that showcases insights from manufacturers, suppliers, thought leaders, lawmakers, practitioners and other stakeholders and highlights the commitment of members to trust, share, teach, learn, and act.

 Summit topics will explore the state of the global automotive cybersecurity landscape and how Auto-ISAC can help ensure consistent industry-wide cybersecurity capability to build critical resilience.

IAA Inc., a global digital marketplace connecting vehicle buyers and sellers, announced the introduction of IAA Interact, a comprehensive merchandising platform combining imagery, information and personalization. The platform engages buyers with detailed vehicle information while driving a more competitive bidding environment and higher proceeds for sellers.

IAA Interact was designed using extensive e-commerce merchandising research to drive increased online bidding and buying. The platform engages buyers with a vehicle digitally through unique, multiple touch points that provide the details needed to make confident online bidding and buying decisions. The Interact tools and features provide buyers with an unmatched research process, improved purchasing guidance and greater trust.

The IAA Interact merchandising platform includes three key elements and several value-added tools at no cost to the buyer.

Carzato, an automotive online services provider, has announced its Online Retailing Experience (ORE) platform, an industry-first cross-tier and brand-customizable online car-buying tool that routes high-intent shoppers directly to dealer online retailing tools.

Regardless of where people are shopping -- brand website, dealer website, Social Media, CRM email, search, display and video campaigns -- ORE provides a consistent and efficient experience to the car-buyer, while generating incremental, high closing leads to the dealers.

Carzato works closely with automakers and their dealers to provide a unique platform that offers advanced customization to meet highly specific needs. The digital experience is fully modular and white-label ready including: customizable high-converting landing pages and CTAs; VIN-specific dealer pricing; dealer choice of Trade-In Valuation and F&I Products and dealer-customized service & protection plans/pricing.

Carzato’s platform was built to be modular and flexible, allowing both OEMs and dealers to integrate existing retail tools into the platform.

Gubagoo, a provider of digital retailing and messaging solutions for automotive dealerships, has launched “Virtual Meetings,” its new video conferencing solution that will enable dealers to start face-to-face video meetings with their customers using any messaging platform.

Gubagoo’s Virtual Retailing, which allows dealers to sell vehicles online, and Gubagoo’s ChatSmart, which facilitates conversations with customers on dealers’ websites, have seen record usage in the past six weeks. To continue to support dealers with the technology they need right now, Gubagoo’s Virtual Meetings was developed to allow video conversations to support the buying process, whether they are using chat or engaged in a full digital retailing.

The feature helps dealers navigating high friction deal steps like warranties and desking in a remote environment, where e-mail and phone are often insufficient. It also provides a critical way to build rapport and connect with customers face-to-face, further humanizing the online, digital experience.

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