Meera Conversational AI announces a new integration with VinSolutions Connect CRM, an automobile software provider for auto dealerships. The integration will enable dealerships to automate marketing and customer support communications. The integration will help dealerships work leads better and deliver exceptional customer experiences by leveraging consumer-friendly mediums such as text and video.

Meera’s goal is to aid auto dealers in forging meaningful relationships with their customers. Its conversational AI platform empowers dealers to do so, by automating and personalizing communications. Meera’s new integration with VinSolutions is another strategic step towards helping its customers improve brand value and recognition.

The integration facilitates marketing and sales communications delivered through Meera. Using Connect CRM’s APIs, Meera’s conversational AI looks up active leads; then it schedules service appointments, test drives, and demos using Connect CRM’s customer, agent, and vehicle information.

“The Meera-VinSolutions integration will augment products that are already assisting dealerships to boost marketing ROI and build a loyal customer base using white glove service,” said Tracy Fred, vice president of operations, CRM sales and service, Cox Automotive.

Dealer Specialties announced it has teamed with Experian to make C.A.R.Score reports available within Experian’s AutoCheck vehicle history reports. This new relationship is an added benefit to mutual clients as it gives dealers the opportunity to show C.A.R.Score vehicle condition reports in the VHR, allowing consumers to make their next car purchase decision with confidence.

C.A.R.Score is an all-new, consumer-facing vehicle condition report that displays the exterior and interior condition of the vehicle, including instrument and control panels, mirrors, upholstery, even the scent of the vehicle. These interactive condition reports show specific details that car shoppers are looking for, yet, until now, were not available on vehicle history reports. 

Dealer Specialties vehicle inspectors perform a full, cosmetic vehicle evaluation, which includes photographs of any visual damage. After inspection is completed, the car is rated from 1 to 5 Stars, giving consumers a clear understanding of the vehicle’s current condition.

C.A.R.Score reports will be displayed under the ‘Inspection History Check’ and ‘Detailed Vehicle History’ sections of Experian’s AutoCheck vehicle history report. Each section provides inspection data, location, and a link to the full C.A.R.Score report.

RumbleOn, an e-commerce company, announced it has registered over 100 dealership locations in 29 states representing thousands of new and used powersports listings to participate in its upcoming launch of 3.0 in early August. RumbleOn’s technology and distribution network will enable these brick and mortar dealerships to reach online buyers anywhere in the country.

“We are extremely encouraged that dealers across the country are quickly embracing RumbleOn 3.0. The strong traction of RumbleOn 3.0 clearly demonstrates the massive opportunity ahead of us. Dealers need to strengthen their online presence to stay competitive and RumbleOn has the tools to enable their success,” said RumbleOn Chief Executive Officer Marshall Chesrown.

Powersport dealers across the following 29 states are already registered to participate in the August launch of 3.0:

OCTO Telematics has extended its range of services to combine the needs of fleet managers, carsharing and corporate carsharing operators, post COVID-19 lockdown.

Originally launched in 2017, the OCTO KeyLess technology is already widely used by leading operators, performing more than 400,000 unlocking and locking of doors from the smartphone application every month.

New features are offered by the innovative Smart KeyLess solution that is based on OCTO’s proprietary technology. It allows operators and users to benefit from a touchless rental process with a quick and easy wire-free installation. Services now remain entirely unaffected by the absence of GSM coverage, which may occur when the vehicle is parked in a garage.

Installation can be completed in less than 15 minutes, by simply connecting the OCTO telematic device to the vehicle’s OBD socket and linking it to an OCTO SmartKey. This smart key then replaces the factory keys originally supplied with the vehicle with all security and convenience functions, both electronic and mechanical. The expensive factory keys can then be safely stored away to prevent loss or damage. The vehicle is now ready to be used with OCTO KeyLess, a dedicated smartphone application that allows users to unlock and lock the car doors without any other type of contact with the car. The fleet manager is also able to manage the car remotely and take advantage of all the Fleet Telematics features offered by OCTO.

OCTO Smart KeyLess provides the tools needed to support and simplify the work of fleet managers in a time of “post lockdown.” It provides a touchless rental process helping to ensure the safety of drivers, while increasing the efficiency of the rental process.

Global performance improvement solutions provide GP Strategies Corporation announced their partnership with Whisbi, a global provider of mobile-first conversational sales and marketing solutions. This collaboration combines the power of Whisbi’s relationship-building platform with GP Strategies’ expertise in digital retail process design and virtual selling coaching.

The partnership with Whisbi will help automotive organizations accelerate the digitization of their business processes at both the dealer and national level. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can now do product presentations through Whisbi’s One-to-Many Broadcast technology. These live, interactive product presentations from OEM websites are ideal for brand building and supporting the introduction of new products and technologies. Dealers will also have the ability to seamlessly and digitally interact with customers via voice, chat, video, and screen-sharing to facilitate the entire sales transaction virtually with Whisbi’s One-to-One solution for Assisted Selling.

GP Strategies provides expert consulting to aid dealers in the transition to future retailing and to optimize the integration of digital retail systems for faster, easier online shopping and purchase experiences. Services also include sustained process coaching for retail leaders and virtual selling skills training. Most recently, GP Strategies created a Virtual Sales Certification program for the automotive industry that is expected to launch globally with multiple OEMs and dealer groups in the fourth quarter. 

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