ACV Touts Innovations

February 16, 2020

 ACV Auctions Inc., a dealer-to-dealer, online automotive marketplace, unveiled some recent innovations at NADA.

Through the recent acquisition of TrueFrame, ACV now offers a retail inspection product, the True360 Report. The True360 report is included on the dealer's vehicle display page as well as CarFax and AutoCheck. At NADA, the company is offering a closer look at VirtualLift., the company's proprietary, patent-pending imaging tool that captures a high definition image of the undercarriage of the vehicle. Recent recommendations from their dealer community have resulted in the two new enhancements to the platform including Advanced Filters, allowing dealers to improve the relevance of their search results, and Run List, which gives dealers the ability to quickly identify, and bid on, in advance the vehicles that best fit their needs.

ACV Acquires TrueFrame

December 19, 2019

ACV Auctions Inc., an online dealer automotive marketplace, announced the acquisition TrueFrame, a provider of vehicle accident inspections. Dedicated to transparency when it comes to shopping for used cars, TrueFrame provides comprehensive vehicle inspections, called True360 reports. The True360 report publishes to CarFax and AutoCheck vehicle history reports (VHR) as well as the vehicle display page on the dealer’s website.

A significant percentage of used vehicles have documented accident history leading to diminished value. A True360 report provides help to car dealers and to the consumer when buying a used vehicle with accident history. The True360 report and the clarity it provides within CarFax and AutoCheck provides consumers with the information needed to make purchase decisions