Carvana has released the first-ever online car buying analysis in the industry. The analysis examines tens of thousands of purchases and millions of site visits.

The top five cars that Carvana customers are buying are: Nissan Altima, Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Hyundai Elantra and Chevrolet Equinox. The top five cars its customers are selling are: the Honda Civic, Ford Mustang, Honda Accord, Honda CRV and Ford 150.

The fastest selling cars are the Volkswagen Passat, Ram 1500 and Ford Escape.

Toyota was the most searched term on the site.

More than 45 percent of Millennials accounted for Carvana’s total sales. In the trends report, a number of comparisons can be drawn between the traditional car shopper and the online car shopper. Sedans, for example, were popular with online car buyers in 2019, as well as with Millennials. Online car buyers are also speedy: one vehicle on Carvana was live on the site for just nine minutes before a customer snatched it up and completed the purchase process; compared to the average three hours one may spend at the dealership.

Dealer Group Sues Nissan

December 27, 2019

The court-appointed receiver for the Sage Group of auto dealerships has filed a lawsuit against Nissan Motor Co. and two subsidiaries for fraudulently forcing two popular Southern California dealerships into a fire-sale to a crony of Carlos Ghosn, the automaker’s fallen CEO. The Sage Group was founded by Morris Sage in 1969 and operated a group of successful automobile dealerships, including one of the first Nissan dealerships in the country, Universal City Nissan.

The lawsuit was filed on Dec.19 by Byron Z. Moldo, court-appointed receiver for Universal City Nissan, Glendale Nissan/Infiniti, and West Covina Nissan, against Nissan Motor Co., Nissan North America, Inc., Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp., and the Trophy Automotive Dealer Group LLC, which is owned by Nasser Watar. Watar’s business partner is Saudi billionaire Khaled al-Juffali.

Moldo claims the dealerships fell victim to the culture of corporate corruption and greed that flourished at the Japanese automaker under Ghosn before he was arrested in November 2018 for underreporting compensation and raiding corporate accounts.

One of the charges facing Ghosn is that he used $14.7 million in corporate money to repay a personal loan from al-Juffali. The lawsuit claims that Ghosn repaid al-Juffali and Watar’s loyalty by having Nissan enter into a lucrative joint venture with al-Juffali and Watar’s company in Saudi Arabia.

The lawsuit also alleges al-Juffali and Watar unfairly benefitted in the United States from the fraudulent actions of two other Nissan subsidiaries - Nissan North America and its dealer financing arm, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp., which conspired to financially bleed the Sage Group’s dealerships and force a fire-sale to Ghosn’s cronies at Trophy Automotive. has acquired the largest Nissan dealership in the eastern U.S. Now known as HGreg Nissan Kendall, the dealership is located in Florida’s Palmetto Bay, southeast of Kendall. With the important acquisition, expands its portfolio of Nissan dealerships to two in Florida, six continent-wide.

The dealership features a 71,500-square-foot building and 14.25-acre property and offers new and pre-owned vehicles. It also enjoys a direct pipeline to the large selection of pre-owned vehicles available through the growing network in South and Central Florida.


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