DriveItAway, Inc. announced its new relationship with AccuTrade: 5,000-plus car dealers now can list vehicles for sale, rent, or rent-to-own to ride share drivers who download the DriveItAway app with “one-click” access, and ride share drivers will now have unprecedented specific vehicle valuation, pricing and sales history on all used vehicles.

“This marks a victory for consumers in general, and for 3-plus million ride share drivers specifically,” said John F. Possumato, CEO and founder of DriveItAway. “For the very first time all users of our app, potential used car buyers, renters, and our rent-to-own drivers, can have full transparent valuation information on all used vehicles, right down to the additions/deductions for specific attributes, such as mileage, color, nicks and dents, missing keys, etc. – identical to the information advantage provided to Accu-Trade dealers.”

DriveItAway, a car-dealer focused shared mobility platform, announced a new turnkey vehicle subscription/monthly rental program for the benefit of its dealer partners.

DriveItAway is the first to launch a dealer provided platform/customer focused app that offers both rental vehicles for “gig” economy and ride-share drivers with a path to ownership. The platform includes the ability for a dealer to offer new and used vehicle subscriptions or long-term rentals to non-gig drivers.

“We are very excited to offer this new addition to our app and platform, exclusively for car dealers,” says John F. Possumato, president and CEO of DriveItAway.