Auto/Mates and F&I solutions provider Dealertrack announced a new integration that connects Auto/Mate’s award-winning Dealership Management System (DMS) to Dealertrack’s Digital Contracting. The real-time data exchange is designed to streamline and automate a dealer's digital contracting process, resulting in seamless contract submission, reduced errors from manual data entry, and faster deal funding.

Auto/Mate users simply log into Dealertrack Digital Contracting and enter the deal number to import the contract information from the DMS and populate the required data fields. All that is left is contract validation, having the customer sign electronically, and submission to the finance source for funding.

Recent Dealertrack user studies reveal that 60 percent of dealership F&I staff who have not yet adopted an eContracting solution feel DMS integration is the most important capability they lack. 

"We view the DMS as the core of a dealer's business and an enabler of everything they do. That's why this integration with Dealertrack is so important, as digital contracting and eContracting represent a critical step toward delivering a digital car-buying experience," said Tony Graham, executive vice president and general manager of Auto/Mate.

Auto/Mate DMS customers must be on Dealertrack uniFI and signed up for the platform's digital contracting enhancement to take advantage of the new integration.

Dealertrack announced an enhanced partnership with National Credit Center (NCC) in a push to improve the automotive financing process for dealers and to help lenders approve credit decisions faster and more efficiently. Through the partnership, NCC's credit bureau service will now integrate directly into Dealertrack's online deal jacket, giving dealers access to a completely new and enhanced credit bureau report as well as other exclusive features they can subscribe to.

Dealertrack dealers with a basic NCC subscription will be able to access more robust and easier to read reporting formats, such as HTML, TTY and CV2, with Military Lending Act (MLA) inclusion on reports. As an incremental benefit, add-on features now available include: cCedit Model 6.3 summaries on reports, giving dealers deeper insight into a customer's car buying history and Smart Default capabilities (coming in March 2020) that secure better finance terms and provide the ability to automatically pull an additional bureau if a higher score is available.

Firm Boosts Tech Tool

February 10, 2020

Dealertrack announces the launch of key new enhancements to its out of state registration and titling solution, RegUSA. The company stated that this “brings next-level simplicity, reliability, customization and automation to alleviate an often complex and confusing process.”

From January to September 2019, out-of-state registrations rose 16 percent  year-over-year. With 51 unique DMVs jurisdictions, 100 distinct sets of taxes and fees, 250 unique forms, and 300 possible registration and title transactions, the back-end process of finalizing an out-of-state deal can become a time-consuming and costly process for dealerships without the help of the right solution.

“With the enhancements to RegUSA, Dealertrack is helping to eliminate the guess work that can come with finalizing an out-of-state sale by giving dealers an intuitive and interactive interface that guides them through the nuances and requirements of each unique deal,” said Kait Gavin, vice president of Dealertrack Titling Solutions.


Dealertrack DMS, a leading provider of cloud-based technology solutions for car dealerships, will unveil a series of new, fully integrated and user-friendly technology solutions and services at the upcoming National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) convention in Las Vegas on Feb. 14-17.

Helping provide dealers with the information and processes paramount to competing today, Dealertrack DMS enhancements include: DMS Critical Analytics, which is integrated directly into Dealertrack DMS and helps managers stay focused on the data that is most important to their position. Dealers can easily filter and group information, track progress against prior-year performance, and prioritize activities that drive the most valuable KPI’s. Additionally, dealers can now automate general ledger account mapping and report information across multiple departments and stores, erasing the need to manually aggregate data through spreadsheets or leverage an additional third-party provider. 


Dealertrack Registration and Title Solutions announced it has become a participant in the CDK Global Partner Program, the largest third-party marketplace of automotive applications and integrations.

This integration will provide dealers with data sharing capabilities between their Dealertrack in-state and out-of-state solutions and the CDK Drive DMS. As a result, dealers can now seamlessly push the deal from the CDK Drive DMS into their Dealertrack Registration and Title Solutions and back into the DMS when a deal is complete, helping reduce data discrepancies between dealer systems and improving operational efficiency in the sale and F&I process. By simplifying the deal finalization process through this improved data workflow, this integration now mitigates the need for double data entry by automatically populating the DMS, addressing informational gaps caused by conflicting data between systems and policy variance by state.

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