CarOffer, an automated instant wholesale vehicle trade platform, rolled out a new vehicle sourcing and trading solution to meet the inventory needs of dealer groups. Now, in-group dealers can leverage all of the power of the CarOffer Matrix platform but at a multi-store level, allowing them to buy, sell and trade among each other and match inventory needs to specific stores. Centralized control, real time appraisals and one bill of sale give dealer groups a new edge to increasing profitability and efficiency.

Asbury Automotive Group, one of the largest automotive retail and service companies in the U.S. with 91 dealerships, is among the first to enroll its stores in CarOffer’s Group Trade platform. Asbury first approached CarOffer seven months ago with the idea to develop this tool and teams from both companies worked together to build this innovative group trade platform.

CarOffer’s Group Trade platform provides automated in-group offers in real time at point of appraisal on all group inventory. Offers can be managed and controlled centrally or at the store level, and CarOffer streamlines all logistics and inter-group transfer bill-of-sales. The Group Trade platform can also be custom-built for unaffiliated stores, creating private trading platforms for entities such as 20 Groups.

CarOffer, a pre-owned inventory management software system, has unveiled a new tool for used car dealers.

According to CarOffer, it is a new way for dealers to win more trades, acquire more used inventory, and sell more cars for less cost.

“CarOffer enables dealers to trade for twice as many vehicles with virtually no risk while also eliminating all aged units over 45 days,” said Bruce Thompson, founder and CEO. “Obviously, this means many more new and used retail sales. In so doing, the average dealer will realize significant dollars to the bottom line.”