RV Rentals Boost Profits

February 03, 2020

 RV Trader, an online marketplace for RV shoppers, released a study offering insights into the growth of the RV rental market along with detailed guidelines to help RV dealers maximize revenue streams from both renters and a newly identified renter/buyer segment. The report, titled RV Dealer’s Guide to Unlocking the Value of RV Rentals, includes findings from an RV Trader survey of more than 2,000 consumers who have rented, purchased or been in the market for an RV in the past two years as well as advice from industry experts. 

Topics covered in the study range from the pros and cons of dealer-owned and dealer-managed fleets to strategies for attracting rental customers, unit maintenance, renter screening, rental booking management, insurance and legal issues. The paper calculates that dealers can generate $7,500 to $30,000 in revenue from a single RV rented for only 100 nights per year, depending on whether the unit is a travel trailer or Class C or Class A motorhome. 

According to the new study, 41 percent of RV Trader monthly visitors expressed an interest in rentals and 30 percent used the site as a rental resource even before the marketplace added an RV Rentals section enabling consumers to quickly zero in on units available for rent by location and departure/return date. The new functionality also features an automated calendar to handle rental reservations, distribute reservation reminders, and collect funds once a booking has taken place, streamlining rental paperwork for dealers.