CoVid-19 Industry Updates

CoVid-19 Industry Updates (169)

Annette Chapman took over the reins of the Michigan Independent Automobile Dealers Association Oct. 14, replacing Lisa Michael.

“I’ve worked in customer service and sales for, pretty much, 25 years,” she said. Herexperience was in the food-and-beverage industry.

“It was in a different business but, as far as I’m concerned, the (skillset) is basically the same; network with people, answer their questions and get them help wherever it’s needed.

“That’s kind of my forte - customer service and sales.”

Chapman said Michael’s strengths were more on the administrative side.

If Chapman’s last name looks familiar, it’s because she is the daughter-in-law of Nancy Chapman, the former Michigan IADA executive director who retired in 2014.

Chapman said she briefly assisted Nancy Chapman at Michigan IADA.

“I worked for her for a short time when someone was out of the office,” Chapman said. “It was only about a three-week period.”

Chapman said the association was seeking someone with a background in sales and her “name happened to come up” with someone who had known me through her work with the association in the past.

She would help out during previous Michigan IADA conventions with decorating for the event.

Chapman said the charge she’s been given is to “promote the growth and vitality and integrity  of the motor vehicle industry.”

One goal is to make sure she’s working hand-in-hand with dealers.

“It’s about going out and being the foot soldier, seeing them at their places of business,” Chapman said.

In her brief time at the helm, she’s been in communication with members through phone calls, emails and visits to auctions.

“My hope is to bring in more members as the membership has dwindled over the past few years,” Chapman said.I’m hoping to bring those numbers up.”

The association currently has 251 members.

Chapman has been meeting with dealers, trying to recruit new members and attending dealer training events.

She’s also helping answer their questions on rules and regulations regarding the business.

Chapman will not be alone in leading the association.

“We have an attorney as well as a lobbyist,” Chapman said. “I work very closely with them on a daily basis.”

Allison Harrison, out of Columbus, Ohio, is the association’s attorney and Bill Zaagman serves as the association’s lobbyist.

Chapman held her first board meeting in Lansing, the state capital, in November.

“It was a very good meeting and I got to meet everyone in person,” she said. “I had a good response.

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