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By Staff Writer March 17, 2020 760

CEO Steve Jordan of the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association told Used Car News via email on March 16 the group is doing several things to address concerns about COVID-19.

“We are revisiting our conference planning and strategy now that the CDC has issued its guidance to cancel or postpone any event with more than 50 people for 60 days,” Jordan said.  “Our event is beyond that window, but the effects to the industry are still yet unknown.”

This followed an earlier email from Jordan discussing NIADA’s overall strategy.

“Externally, we are working on a high-level document of generally recommended best practices for our dealer members based on widely accepted WHO and CDC guidance, which we’ll release shortly,” he stated. “Internally, NIADA has instituted a 30-day travel ban, and we are prepared to assist any NIADA staff member who requires a quarantine to work remotely in an effort to maintain continuity of their work.  We have put an ad-hoc response team in place that meets daily to review any ongoing concerns around the virus and to manage the NIADA response to any new developments accordingly.

“Each NIADA 20 Group meeting is being monitored on a case-by-case basis and management is working with members to make the best, informed decision for the group. All other NIADA events including our 2020 Convention and Expo in June in Las Vegas, our National Policy Conference in September in D.C. and our NABD Fall show are beyond the current travel ban and have not been disrupted in any way.”

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