Auto Dealer M&A Firm Hits Record

By Staff Writer February 11, 2020

Dave Cantin Group (DCG), one of the world’s largest automotive dealership M&A firms, announced that 2019 was a record-breaking year in both closure rates and charitable giving.

In 2019, the group had closure rates of over 90 percent, with the fourth quarter being the strongest of the year. George Pero, vice president of sales for DCG acquisitions, said the company was building the momentum for closures in 2020.

“We’ll be closing 10 to 12 deals in Q1 2020 alone, which is a record-breaking number for us,” Pero said. “Because of our dual agent model, we’re able to consistently yield higher closing ratios, simplifying the process for owners who are ready to either transition into or out of the business.”

The group’s 2019 closure rate was 20 percent higher, and the firm expanded to represent dealerships in all 50 states.

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Last modified on Tuesday, 11 February 2020 01:13