Firm Boosts Tech Tool Featured

By Staff Writer February 10, 2020

Dealertrack announces the launch of key new enhancements to its out of state registration and titling solution, RegUSA. The company stated that this “brings next-level simplicity, reliability, customization and automation to alleviate an often complex and confusing process.”

From January to September 2019, out-of-state registrations rose 16 percent  year-over-year. With 51 unique DMVs jurisdictions, 100 distinct sets of taxes and fees, 250 unique forms, and 300 possible registration and title transactions, the back-end process of finalizing an out-of-state deal can become a time-consuming and costly process for dealerships without the help of the right solution.

“With the enhancements to RegUSA, Dealertrack is helping to eliminate the guess work that can come with finalizing an out-of-state sale by giving dealers an intuitive and interactive interface that guides them through the nuances and requirements of each unique deal,” said Kait Gavin, vice president of Dealertrack Titling Solutions.

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Last modified on Thursday, 13 February 2020 15:04