2020 Corvette Stingray Wheels Stolen in Detroit

By Cee Lippens January 24, 2020
The 2020 C8's wheels were stolen on a street in Detroit's West Village! The 2020 C8's wheels were stolen on a street in Detroit's West Village! Credit: Car and Driver

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray winner of #NACTOY's car of the year is back in the news.

Though production of the car is still ramping up after GM's worker strike last year delayed the C8's launch—someone(s) has already managed to steal a set of tires off a C8 that was street parked.

Car and Driver say they received a photo on Jan 23rd that shows the Stingray resting on cinderblocks on Coe Ave in Detroit's West Village. The location is about 4 miles from GM's downtown headquarters.

It isn't clear who owns the car, more than likely it belongs to GM, according to the Detroit Free Press the car is part of the test fleet driven by employees.

Car and Diver jokingly point out that anyone looking for a set of C8 wheels and tires at a cheap discount might want to check Craigslist in Detroit.

With the 2020 C8 retailing for around $55,000,  a full set of new tires will set you back well over a $1,000 and a factory-fresh set of wheels could cost double that. If your planning on buying one we suggest investing in Chevy's wheel lock option- Cost: 90$!


We've got some of the first video of the 2020 Stingray up on blocks filmed by a Detroit Youtuber that goes by the handle Syncere . Watch below 


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