2019's Most Popular Auto Colors

By Cee Lippens January 16, 2020
2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew painted with Axalta's 2019 color of the year Sahara. 2019 Ford Ranger SuperCrew painted with Axalta's 2019 color of the year Sahara.

Get ready for some color shifts!

Sea Glass is the 2020 automotive color of the year, developed by Axalta, the largest supplier of automotive paint.

According to Axalta Sea Glass a green-blue shade is "Inspired by nature’s waterways and oceans, Sea Glass has depth and intense color as it glitters in sunlight. Its formulated for reflective properties and is highly detectable by Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) systems".

"Sea Glass is ready for the market now,” said Dan Benton, Axalta Marketing Manager on Axalta's website “Formulations for this versatile color are available in our global waterborne technologies, and we are ready for customers who are actively looking for the next trend color.”

The color of the year has become a big deal in the five years since Axalta announced the first one. Customers have been known to call paint shops and dealerships looking to get a paint job or buy a car with the new color after announcements in past years. Axalta will make Sea Glass available to aftermarket paint shops.

Sea Glass and its various shades may be up and coming in 2020 and beyond but some colors remain tried and true.

The top color of 2019 for cars was, well, good old vanilla White, according to BASF's latest analysis of color distribution across the automotive industry.

Every third car painted in North America, 29%, features a shade of white, according to the study, and a whopping 39% of all cars produced last year sport a white hue.

Overall 77% of all cars built in 2019 were exclusively sprayed in the achromatic colors white, black, silver or gray.

Chromatic colors covered 22% of cars built last year with blue remaining steady at 9% of the total followed by red with 7%. Though blue's numbers remained the same red made inroads in 2019 seeing its numbers grow from previous years according to the BASF report. The color red has a growing affinity among consumers of Pickup Trucks and Sportscars. Red was the third most popular color for Pickup Trucks. Black was the dominant color for Pickup Trucks in 2019 followed by white. Chromatic shades are particularly popular with compact and subcompact cars.

White is the most popular color for Crossover Utility Vehicles followed by black and gray. Blues and reds are almost equally desired by car buyers of CUVs.

Sahara was Axalta's 2019 color of the year and interestingly beige has been a surprising breakout color in Europe in 2019. Beige charted significantly with 2% of cars along with Grey. Nearly every fifth car in Europe was painted gray in 2019 replacing black as the second most popular color.

White's popularity grew in the Asia Pacific region with 53% of all new cars being produced in white. Among chromatic colors, red is still the most popular choice.

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