Holiday Musings Battle Political Posturing

By Tony Moorby November 26, 2019 1137


After the warmest and driest October on record here in the Mid-South, fall took all of one day! The temperature dropped to 16° one night last week. Hardly time to collect and save whatever plants could survive till next year and grace the patio once more. It’s bad enough when the clocks go back, which I hate; I wish we would leave things as they were.

   It’s well known that the autumn is very pretty around here but with little moisture to hold the leaves and give enough life for the chlorophyll to leach away slowly, we had no glorious golden views to speak of as maples turned a dull grey and Southern Magnolias lost that glossy sheen.

   Halloween came and went with little clamor; the murky weather put the damper on things and all we had were five sets of trick or treaters. We still have enough candy to keep a sweet tooth happy till Easter and the bunny comes back to replenish supplies. As a chocoholic I know these things!

   Next up is Thanksgiving and it will have just gone as you read this. I’ve grown to love this holiday, having not celebrated it in England, the closest thing being the harvest festival at church – slim pickings there, I’m afraid.

As you probably know, I love being around the kitchen, as does Terry these days. It gives us a chance to show off culinary talents but inevitably, as the kids grow up and hold their own celebrations, sometimes far afield, the crowd gets thinner so perhaps a little less hectic. But I like hectic where family’s concerned – come on Christmas – we’ll make up for it.

   Speaking of Christmas, nature has cast a pathetic fallacy; things feel as gloomy as the weather in spite of Costco’s attempts at gleaning an early Christmas spirit by putting out the trees and garland as early as, I think it was during summer recess this year!

   The malls aren’t as busy as the Amazon Prime trucks or the Fed-Ex men making their rounds – elves turned into part-time drivers. Gathering gifts, no longer a part of last minute ritual rushes to the crash-bang-wallop of the mall parking lots and tripping over shopping bags on the escalators. Now the greatest risk of injury comes from a stiff neck hunched over a computer or carpal tunnel syndrome from thumbing a phone. Part of the Christmas surprises now is going to the doorstep and trying to remember what you ordered and return to childhood habits of shaking the parcels to guess what’s inside.

   The darkening days of winter now rack the despotic decline of events in D.C., which are too embarrassing to watch from either side of the aisle and take up too much time and expense of this country’s fortunes. There must be more efficient ways to assess the veracity of politicians’ doings, evil or otherwise. Massive panels of inquisitors, put on hold from their normal occupations (for which we pay dearly) sit in high dudgeon, primping and posturing in front of worldwide media, more to improve what they consider to be their self-interpreted role of importance in unraveling the pushing and shoving of global interests, regardless of legality or moral standing.

   Our current president is a wheeler-dealer, having no regard for international protocol - just an end game.

Any surprises here? Not for me. But I’m saddened that he thinks his puerile maneuverings should become the office of the President of the United States of America. Even a newcomer to the post should recognize that diplomatic observances are time tested and push against self-interests.

   Fortunately we all have the ability to opine on Trump’s inveigling, by voting in 2020. I bow to the wishes of the majority in spite of my Republican leanings.




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