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Manheim Digital Tops 2 Million Featured

By Staff Writer November 24, 2019

Across Manheim, digital wholesale channels have seen exponential growth in 2019 - hitting the two million transaction milestone in the first week of November. In addition to providing an efficient auction experience, Manheim’s digital platforms provide a safer way to buy while helping clients more effectively run their businesses.

In October, 48 percent of vehicles were sold to a digital buyer. Digital-only transactions - those that take place through, Manheim Express, OVE and Private Stores - are up 22 percent year over year, and Simulcast transactions are up 9 percent in that same timeframe. Some sellers in Manheim’s Digital Private Stores have seen as much as 50 percent growth in their sales.

In addition to growing its various digital-only platforms, Manheim has also ramped up the number of Digital Blocks across its physical footprint, which now comprise 20 percent of the company’s physical lanes (up 30 percent in the last three months). Digital Blocks provide all the things clients enjoy about a physical sale - the excitement, auctioneer and in-lane and online bidders. The only difference is that vehicles are shown on screens rather than being driven through the lanes. 

Manheim Tucson recently became the company’s first location to go “all digital,” converting all of its lanes to Digital Blocks. Sales rates and vehicle values have continued to show strong results.

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