Central Dispatch Launches New Solution

By Staff Writer July 07, 2024

Cox Automotive announced the completion of the first phase in Central Dispatch’s transformation with the launch of Central Dispatch Enterprise, a customizable package of end-to-end capabilities designed for large automotive shippers and brokers. Featuring a proven private marketplace solution that’s already been used to move 400,000+ vehicles in just a few months, actionable market intelligence powered by an unrivaled set of first-party data, and a full suite of APIs, Central Dispatch Enterprise provides clients what no other solution can: a powerful set of tools that enable them take control of their supply chains and focus on what they do best—serving their customers.
“Central Dispatch is the logistics marketplace driving our clients’ businesses,” said Joe Kichler, vice president of logistics at Cox Automotive. “With this transformation, we are doing more than evolving the platform—we are simplifying the entire transportation experience for shippers, brokers and carriers. The release of these enterprise capabilities is a big leap forward, and we look forward to bringing similar benefits to even more clients later this year.”

Key Capabilities of Central Dispatch Enterprise:

Designed and built for the largest automotive shippers and brokers to run their businesses all in one place, Central Dispatch Enterprise includes the following:

  • A proven private marketplace solution, which gives large shippers an exclusive space and specialized tools within Central Dispatch’s leading platform to manage dispatches and interact directly with their curated network of carriers in a single location. Central Dispatch’s private marketplace solution automates key processes such as negotiations and dispatching, increasing efficiencies for large shippers. These clients can also seamlessly move loads into the open marketplace, when desired, a key benefit for clients operating a private marketplace within the nation’s largest automotive transportation marketplace.
    In addition to benefitting shippers, Central Dispatch private marketplaces also help simplify carriers’ businesses by providing a single, reliable place for them to get inventory—along with early access to the all-new Central Dispatch carrier mobile app. The app enables transporters to manage and complete the entire transaction in a single platform from any mobile device, including creating EBOLs, doing pre- and post-delivery inspections and more.
    Two of the largest brokers have already signed on to the Central Dispatch private marketplace solution, including Ready Logistics, which launched its private marketplace in mid-March, and Nexus Auto Transport.
  • All-new Central Dispatch Market Intelligence, which is powered by Cox Automotive’s extensive range of first-party data.
    This brand-new suite of products and capabilities provides a wealth of actionable insights that offer guidance on transportation decisions, from pricing to capacity management and more. Brokers can leverage Central Dispatch Market Intelligence to significantly enhance transportation speed and profitability, while also helping carriers optimize routes and minimize empty spots on their trucks, a key challenge in the industry today.
    A suite of APIs that enable seamless connectivity between the different apps clients already use. These APIs foster secure data exchange between Central Dispatch and other core technologies shippers, brokers and carriers use today. With this new enhancement, Central Dispatch can function as a powerful hub, helping clients more efficiently run their transportation businesses.
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Last modified on Friday, 12 July 2024 10:51