CDK Says Majority Of Car Dealerships Restored After Hack

By Staff Writer July 03, 2024

CDK Global said on July 2 that most of its dealer software services are back online.  The ‘majority’ of the 15,000 auto dealerships that use its software can access the companies services again after two weeks of lock-out due to a ransomware attack.  In an updated message CDK Global stated that it expects to complete the restoration process for the 15,000 dealerships, across the US and Canada, who use its platform by July 4. Many dealerships have already been  reconnected to its Dealer Management System (DMS). “We are happy to report that we are ahead of the anticipated schedule and as of now substantially all dealer connections are live on the core DMS,” the company said in the recorded message.

The software company suffered two cyberattacks that forced its systems offline, one on June 18 and a second attack on June 19.  The hack affected a broad range of services, from service repairs to car purchases at dealerships . Bloomberg News reported, Allan Liska, a threat analyst at the security firm Recorded Future Inc, pointed to a group called BlackSuit, saying they are responsible for the cyberattack. 

CDK has not commented on news reports that the company paid millions of dollars in ransom to BlackSuit, in an attempt to recover its software systems the fastest way possible.

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Last modified on Thursday, 11 July 2024 09:42