Central Dispatch Hits Milestone

By Staff Writer July 03, 2024

Central Dispatch reports that its new transactional ratings system has logged well over 500,000 reviews since it was launched in February. This new system is significantly more detailed than its predecessor, aimed at building deeper trust and transparency between shippers and carriers. Additionally, the transactional ratings system now includes users’ most-requested feature since launch: the ability to rate cancelled transactions. Central Dispatch is a Cox Automotive brand and the largest subscription load board in the U.S. with more than 12 million vehicles posted annually.

“User ratings are super important in any marketplace where buyers and sellers—or in the case of Central Dispatch, shippers and carriers—connect,” said Joe Kichler, vice president of Logistics at Cox Automotive. “With over a half million reviews in just a few months, it’s clear that users are finding value in this new system.” 

Transactional ratings are a new way for shippers and carriers to rate their experiences for every dispatched load. Much like a “verified purchase” review, these ratings are triggered by a confirmed transaction, ensuring deeper trust in the nation’s largest transportation marketplace. Parties rate each other using a 0-5 star scale across three categories: timeliness, communication and documentation—as well as having the option to include detailed comments, which the other party is able to reply to. Other users can mark ratings as helpful or not, further enhancing the experience for shippers and carriers. Collectively, this information will give users a fuller picture of every carrier and shipper’s performance, enabling users to make more informed decisions for their businesses.

Additionally, the new ability to rate cancelled transactions is a highly requested feature that will allow users to provide feedback on transactions that didn’t go as planned. This will help other users make more informed decisions when choosing with whom they want to do business. 

Kichler added: “Rating cancelled transactions is a prime example of us listening closely to our clients’ feedback and acting on it quickly. As we continue to invest across the Central Dispatch experience, we will do so by working closely with our tens of thousands of shippers and carriers—ensuring they can continue to rely on Central Dispatch for their transportation needs.”

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Last modified on Thursday, 11 July 2024 09:42