Asbury Automotive Responds to CDK Hack

By Staff Writer June 26, 2024

Asbury Automotive Group, one of the largest automotive retail companies in the U.S., learned on June 19 that vendor CDK Global experienced a cyber-attack impacting certain services provided to the company and many other automotive retailers, including the company’s sales, service, inventory, customer relationship management, and accounting functions. Upon discovery of the incident, we took immediate precautionary steps to protect our systems.

While information surrounding this event continues to evolve, Asbury stores have contingency plans in place to minimize disruptions to its daily operations. Accordingly, at this time, Asbury’s ability to sell and service vehicles remains operational, although some elements of its business may function slower than normal. Koons Automotive locations in Maryland and Virginia do not utilize CDK’s Dealer Management System or CDK’s Customer Relationship Management system and therefore continue to operate with minimal interruption, as does Clicklane, Asbury’s online vehicle purchasing platform.

This incident has adversely impacted the company’s business operations, a circumstance likely to continue until such time as the relevant systems are fully restored. Due to the ongoing nature of the situation, Asbury is presently unable to confirm the full scope, nature and impact of the incident, or whether any customer data was accessed. As a result, the company has not yet determined whether the incident is reasonably likely to have a material impact on the company’s financial condition or results of operations.

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Last modified on Monday, 01 July 2024 18:44