NIADA Approves Darrow by Narrow Vote

By Staff Writer June 19, 2024

NIADA’s membership voted to keep its slate of 2024-2025 officers – including President Michael Darrow – after a contentious meeting this week in Las Vegas.

The vote was razor-thin at 143-141.

The meeting, normally a routine event on opening day of the convention, went on for over two hours, mostly behind closed doors, as members and state independent automobile dealer association (IADA) leaders argued mostly over parliamentary procedures, according to several sources.

Darrow’s presidency was in doubt after his wife, Carol, pled guilty to tax fraud in April in U.S. District Court for failing to remit nearly $350,000 in payroll taxes to the IRS for the couple’s dealership The Auto Finders in Durham, N.C.

Darrow made a speech prior to the vote to defend himself, saying he was unaware of the fraud and that the money was paid back. NIADA members then went behind closed doors to vote, eventually approving the original slate of officers, which included Darrow as president and Don Griffin as president-elect in the top spots.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 26 June 2024 09:59