Autofleet Launches AI Program

By Staff Writer May 27, 2024

Autofleet, an optimization platform for fleets and transportation providers, announced May 20 the launch of Autofleet Nova, the industry’s first fleet specific large language model (LLM) powered by advanced AI to help fleet operators use plain language to gain comprehensive insights across their operations.

Nova represents a major leap forward for the fleet industry - harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to access unprecedented depth of data and insights that were previously unattainable. Using Nova fleet professionals can get answers that are both comprehensive and would otherwise require complex queries and coding by a team of analysts and developers.

Autofleet CEO Kobi Eisenberg.

Nova has been specifically created to work on fleet domain data across a wide range of fleet data sources, such as demand data (trips and reservations), supply data (vehicle telematics) and infrastructure data (parking, charging/fueling, workshops etc.). This allows fleet operators to use plain language queries to gain previously inaccessible insights, identify optimization opportunities, analyze issues, and even take action.

“Nova will transform how fleet businesses operate by democratizing access to data, and by providing non-technical business and operational stakeholders with the tools to make data driven decisions,” said Kobi Eisenberg, CEO and Co-founder of Autofleet. “Nova’s ability to integrate data from any source and generate new contextual insights bridges the gap between different roles within the business, and empowers fleet operators to make smarter, more informed decisions and take immediate actions.”

Key features of Autofleet Nova include:

Comprehensive: Integrated to any fleet data source across reservations, telematics, CRM, HR, and more giving an unprecedented, unified view of operations.

Context Aware: Combines previously siloed, disparate data sources to generate new fleet specific insights, while allowing users to ask follow-up questions contextually.

Quick to Rollout: Out-of-the-box plugins enable rapid integration with most major databases including Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Snowflake and MongoDB.

Enterprise Grade: Supports data segregation for roles and permissions, with industry-leading security and blazing fast performance.

Autofleet Nova will reach general availability in Q4 2024.

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