Firm Launches Lithium-Ion Battery Failure Sensor

By Staff Writer November 05, 2023

United Safety & Survivability Corporation, a global leader in advanced safety solutions, has unveiled its latest innovation, a Lithium-Ion Battery Failure Detection Sensor. The firm states this “groundbreaking product sets a new standard in safety for electric vehicles across industries.”

With the increasing prevalence of lithium-ion batteries, safety concerns have risen. Once a lithium-ion battery goes into thermal runaway, there is no stopping it, making the need for enhanced monitoring and early detection paramount.

United Safety & Survivability Corporation’s Lithium-Ion Battery Failure Detection Sensor is designed to address these concerns. In the early stages of failure, the battery cell begins to generate a variety of gases that build up and increase the pressure inside the cell until the pressure relief activates venting. 

The sensor detects the gases being released, detecting potential failures long before they become critical. While the device can be installed on its own, it can also be combined with a fire suppression system, such as Fogmaker Fire Suppression System, to provide a comprehensive detection and suppression system.   

“With the rise of electric vehicles in all sectors, the risks of fire are greatly different than what many are used to,” said Joseph Mirabile, CEO of United Safety. “When a fire starts within an electric vehicle, all we can hope for is to give occupants the greatest window of time to evacuate. It is truly unique to be able to offer a product that stops a fire – let alone a thermal runaway event before it even happens. Couple this with our Fogmaker system and I believe this is the best detection and suppression package available on the market today for electric vehicles.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, 07 November 2023 11:24