Plenty of Books, Not Enough Shelves

By Tony Moorby October 19, 2023

The simpler things are, the more complicated they are to put right when things go wrong. I’ve been a fan of Amazon ever since they were simple booksellers, albeit with the proviso that Barnes and Noble still provides that ‘touchy-feely’ sense of indulgence. The luxury of strolling around shelves of books and magazines with the occasional waft of a Cappuccino is still an experience I enjoy tremendously.

Amazon now epitomizes the one-touch way to satiate an appetite for almost anything from books to bubble bath. Like Door Dash or any other delivery agent, life is grand until your order is late, cold or even worse, delivered to someone else. 

Anticipation plays a part in enjoying something one has developed an appetite for and the disappointment is like coitus interruptus when delivery misses its promise.

After our recent move – I’d mentioned the abundance of books – we decided to create a small reading room with no other distractions except some art here and there. The room, whilst small, was devoid of any ornamentation and was a blank canvass. What was urgently needed was the addition of some bookcases. We looked around and nothing suited. Should we have some built-ins made? No, we wanted something immediate. So I opted to order three sets that I could put together myself while Terry put the rest of the house together.

Two large bookcases arrived within the promised two days and I got to work, mastering the wonders of modern joinery. I have to say that I was impressed. Not only with the quality of the products themselves but also with my ability to make them look like professionally built pieces. 

Having got into the swing of things, it was a shame that the third bookcase hadn’t arrived. Then, the next day an enormous parcel arrived on the doorstep. The only problem was it wasn’t a bookcase. It was a roof rack for an enormous commercial van! The paperwork indicated it was part of the original order and that now the order was complete. 

The automation that Amazon employs enables things to be executed swiftly, cheaply and with a smile from A to Z.


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