Moving Day

By Tony Moorby August 23, 2023

Boxes, boxes and more boxes! I feel like that fellow, Kilroy, peering over the top of a wall. Some are still full, some empty and awaiting their compression to go to the recycling center.

Let me explain; we’ve moved. We sold our house just south of Nashville, from the once-bucolic Franklin, Tennessee to South Carolina, on a small lake between Charleston and Savannah, Georgia. 

Why move from a place where everyone wants to move to? Precisely that reason. You’ve heard me before, moaning and groaning about Nashville’s inability to keep pace with the massive influx of people. Trendy is no longer tantalizing as Metro Nashville enjoys all the new revenue sources without spending the necessary funds to support the new population. If they do, the money comes excruciatingly slowly; a recent road improvement project, a mere 3 miles of road expansion, took 5 years! It seemed that no one was ever there wielding a pickaxe or shovel. If someone did show up, he’d hide in the air-conditioned cab of some yellow and expensive monster machine.

Nashville was once friendly, expansive and accommodating. Now it’s mean-spirited, pushy and shovey and selfish. I could write three more essays on the differences that forty years have made. Don’t misunderstand; our little cul-de-sac on a small development next to a golf course was terrific, with neighbors everyone could wish for but once outside, the pressure was there.

Terry found a beautiful house whilst on a trip with her sister and a deal was done lickety split. When we moved to the last house, I swore it would be the last time – the rigors of packing and unpacking were horrifying! Famous last words!

I thought we had all we needed then. The further accumulation of stuff managed to secrete itself in every nook and cranny of available space. We eased our consumer consciences with promises of sharing the no-longer needed belongings with family who mostly no longer needed them either. The Goodwill store had about a three-week windfall where we became known on a first name basis.

Professional movers are magicians! Executing the Tetris maneuvers of stacking a lifetime of belongings into a space that’s a tenth the size of your house is amazing to watch.

Standing in an empty house with that sloped-shouldered sense of “What have we done?” echoing around the once-comfy spaces is soon overcome with the anticipation of all that’s new and exciting again.

I didn’t realize we had so many books! It took a separate foray for me, my son-in-law, two Land Rovers and a trailer to ferry the volumes from one place to the other. I won’t live long enough to cook all the recipes from 258 cookbooks but access to each of them is something I revere and can’t let go. It’s the same with paintings – some acquired over a lifetime and many daubed by myself, have all made the trip except for those in a 10’ x10’ storage locker gathering the dust of time and forgotten efforts.

So all this was stuffed into enough cardboard boxes to give me pangs of guilt about deforesting the Amazonian lungs of the Earth. I only hope that the promise of recycling is kept by the local authority and the cardboard will enjoy a new life somewhere new and exciting – just like us!


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