Holding the Door for Ms. Monopoly

By Tony Moorby October 02, 2019 1412

I sometimes wonder if concerns over ‘the women’s movement’ are going from the sublime to the ridiculous.

Don’t get me wrong; there are many instances of things gone awry that need to be put right with money or careers or even a simple apology. But as with a lot of feel-good undertakings, they grow a life of their own, even unto their own detriment and eventual demise for lack of believability, sincerity or pandering for its own sake.  

A good case in point for the support of a cause would be to rally for the U.S. women’s World Cup team against FIFA – the organizing committee for this worldwide association. This once corrupt organization, famous for taking bribes to award tournaments to countries around the world, sees fit to allow the men’s U.S. team to be paid 30 times more than the women. The best the men have ever done is to get to the quarter-finals in 2002, yet the women’s team has won the tournament, not once but four times. They have brought more recognition of soccer to the U.S. than any other efforts from any source. Change needs to come soon and reward those deserving efforts.

On the other hand, Hasbro, the makers of the ultimate economics game, Monopoly, have brought out a new version – Ms. Monopoly where girls or ladies earn more than their male counterparts. Upon passing “GO” girls get $240 whilst boys get the usual $200. They get more rent on owned properties.

I know it’s only a game but it’s so puerile that they actually do a patronizing disservice to the cause of equality and reduce the opportunities to believe that the effort is worthwhile. As a matter of interest, the Executive Board of Hasbro has seven members. Only one is a woman.

The first steps of my career, in 1960s car dealerships, made Mad Men look like saints! The unfeeling, futile treatment of women in the workplace was uncomfortable to a sensitive neophyte who found some of the derogatory methods of management to be counterproductive and offensive, even then. Lessons learned then were later put to better use in acknowledging that we were all as capable as each other.

The problem is that such matters, because of their breadth and reach, are all dealt with in generalities; a dangerous path with pitfalls at every turn. And in this litigious environment, generalities turn into universal requirements. Life ain’t like that and I, as one individual, don’t always bow to new, flimsy and whimsical conventions.

For once, the French have it right; “Vive la différence”.

That may seem trite, even glib these days but there’s a lot to be said for acknowledging that certain things should be recognized and celebrated within the difference of the sexes.

In prehistory, the man went hunting with a spear and a club while the woman stayed to provide comfort back in the cave. Why has that always been construed as the short straw? Because he dragged her off for a little Neanderthal nookie? Good manners where probably not at the top of his social behavior list back then, being more inclined to exact the urgency of procreation. It’s taken 100,000 years to get where we are with some habits buried deeply within our DNA.

So telling me what to think, when to think it and how to think it may not provide an immediate effect. I’ll still stand for an elder or a lady who leaves or returns to a table. I’ll hold a door open or give up my seat. Some habits and good manners are still well observed.

These college administrators, professors and deans, coaches and doctors all need some serious deeper scrutiny. I feel they’ve been getting away with all kinds of miscreant deeds including turning their heads from crimes of which they are aware, up to and including sexual predation.These people’s pedestals are not so high that they can’t be toppled.


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