Manheim Introduces Inspection App

By Staff Writer May 25, 2023

Next Inspect, a new mobile application from Manheim, enables anyone—from dealers to fleet drivers and even consumers—to capture a vehicle’s condition. The resulting report, complete with Fyusion’s AI-powered imaging, can help commercial consignors drive confident business decisions and guide the next steps in the vehicle’s lifecycle, according to Manheim. Designed to solve numerous client pain points in today’s automotive landscape, Next Inspect promises to ease the inherent friction in today’s off-lease processes to give fleet owners needed visibility into the condition of their inventory.

“The beauty of Next Inspect is in its simplicity and ease of use—which we achieved while still giving clients everything they need to make informed vehicle decisions,” said Zach Hallowell, senior vice president of Manheim Digital at Cox Automotive. “Next Inspect can truly be used across the spectrum of the automotive industry, and we look forward to putting this powerful tool into our clients’ hands.”

Already used by two major commercial clients for their off-lease programs, Next Inspect has proven to be useful in helping dealers, as well as consumers, conduct accurate inspections and generate detailed reporting.

How Next Inspect Works:

Users are taken through the inspection via a simple questionnaire and guided image capture. This process then instantly generates an excess wear and use estimate, eliminating the mystery on excess guidelines and preventing surprise bills long after vehicle turn in.

The app will also automatically create a wholesale-ready condition report, complete with condition grade (certification required), that consignors can use to immediately remarket the vehicle in the Manheim Marketplace. By not having to account for a separate inspection process before wholesale, users gain major efficiencies—selling the vehicle faster and accruing less holding costs.

Next Inspect can be used “out of the box” to help clients immediately start managing their vehicles better, but it can also be customized to meet their unique needs. Clients can customize the question set to get critical details important to their businesses, adjust the Excess Wear & Use tables to comply with specific guidelines, as well as tailor the look of the app to reflect their brand.

It is fueled by AI imaging technology from Fyusion, which sees the vehicle in 3D much like the human eye. The 360° vehicle captures produce merchandising-ready imagery, along with the ability to zoom into specific areas of a vehicle for the most detailed analysis. Images captured by Next Inspect are continuing to train the AI damage detection model, just like all the Fyusion-powered handheld and fixed imaging across the Manheim Marketplace.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 31 May 2023 12:52