Car IQ Announces Partnership

By Staff Writer May 22, 2023

Car IQ Inc., a provider of vehicle payment solutions, has entered into an agreement with HF Sinclair Refining & Marketing, a subsidiary of HF Sinclair, allowing fleets to fuel vehicles using Car IQ Pay instead of a credit card at nearly 1,600 participating sites across more than 30 states.

Car IQ Pay gives fleet customers an easier way to pay for fuel, by connecting the vehicle directly to the pump and eliminating the need to use a credit card, PIN number or vehicle odometer reading. With the Car IQ Pay acceptance at Sinclair-branded stations, fleet customers now have a greater choice when it comes to fueling their vehicles.

Car IQ Pay is accepted at leading fuel station brands nationwide and offers fleets an advanced payment technology to pay for fuel and services. Vehicles are able to transact securely with payment networks, banks and service providers in order to automatically initiate and complete payments for services ranging from fueling, toll management and paid parking, EV charging, and more. With Car IQ Pay fleets are able to streamline their accounting practices by eliminating paperwork.

“The addition of Sinclair not only brings more locations, but also the Sinclair brand to Car IQ Pay, which our fleet customers have been asking for,” said Matt Nicholson of Car IQ.

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Last modified on Friday, 26 May 2023 11:40