Carfax: Millions of Recalled Vehicles Remain Unrepaired

By Staff Writer May 17, 2023

More than 2.5 million vehicles that have been tagged with “Do Not Drive” or “Park Outside” safety recalls remain unrepaired as of May 1, Carfax data shows. “Despite efforts by state and federal governments – and the auto industry itself – too many consumers are driving in vehicles that have been deemed too dangerous to drive, or that shouldn’t be parked in or near a home for fear of a fire,” said Faisal Hasan, general manager for data at Carfax. “Officials and communities need to break through consumer recall notice fatigue and drive home the message: We can save lives today by getting these recalls fixed.”

“Do Not Drive” and “Park Outside” notifications are recalls issued by automakers and federal safety officials.  A “Do Not Drive” recall advises drivers not to operate their vehicles because a serious safety issue could lead to an accident or physical harm.  A “Park Outside” recall is issued for vehicles with a high risk of causing a fire, and owners are advised to park these vehicles outside of garages and parking structures, and away from buildings. These recalls are rarely issued. Carfax already warns its 30 million Car Care members when there’s an unfixed recall for their car. Soon, Carfax will highlight these urgent recalls in Car Care and through email campaigns.

Ten states have more than 70,000 of these vehicles driving on their roads, with California leading the way.

  1. California: 245,000
  2. Texas: 242,000
  3. Florida: 237,000
  4. New York: 118,000
  5. Pennsylvania: 106,000
  6. Ohio: 101,000
  7. Georgia: 96,000
  8. Illinois: 92,000
  9. North Carolina: 85,000
  10. Arizona: 71,000



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Last modified on Friday, 19 May 2023 15:41