Space Auto Launches Auto Retail AI CRM

By Staff Writer May 17, 2023

Space Auto, the new integrated software and marketing solution for car dealerships, has launched a centralized CRM technology that tracks the entire customer journey from first click to close.  

The AI Responses feature is a new innovation for automotive retail, leveraging learnings from GPT-4. It empowers dealerships with instantaneous, data-backed suggestions that are based on the entire customer conversation and other data points within the Space Auto CRM, including inventory, digital retailing, deal activity, and consumer website-browsing data.

This feature allows salespeople to select AI-suggested text or email messages, giving shoppers the information and supporting the dealership with quick and accurate responses. Dealers have the ability to adjust the tone of the messages to match their voice and business goals. Additionally, the feature offers language translations and grammar checks. 

“It takes time and effort for sales to respond to customers. We know that some dealership leads never even get a reply,” said Taylor Bartholomew, Chief Product Officer at Space Auto. “AI Responses save dealerships time and money. Managers can relax knowing their team has the resources they need to send accurate communications to customers and provide the ideal experience every time.”

The AI Responses tool is just one feature in the new Space Auto CRM. The CRM allows dealership salespeople to monitor every customer interaction and generate deals digitally on desktop, on mobile, and in the Space Auto App — the only retail automotive app with full-feature functionality within the app itself.

“With the new Space Auto CRM, a dealer can now work a deal from anywhere — even on the sales lot or at home — and access everything they need to close,” said Nick Askew, Space Auto Founder & CEO.

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Last modified on Friday, 19 May 2023 09:50