Fyusion Releases Open-Source Library

By Staff Writer March 09, 2023

Fyusion, a visual intelligence company owned by Cox Automotive, has delivered a new open-source library that makes it easy to run machine learning models on almost any mobile device. Now available on GitHub, this lightweight software library called FyuseNet can take a wide variety of machine learning models and write incredibly fast implementation for whichever platform the developer chooses—all while maintaining a lean application. 

“At Fyusion, we live at the intersection of high-tech research and pragmatic engineering, bringing big ideas to life in a way that can truly benefit people around us,” said Stephen Miller, Fyusion co-Founder and chief product officer. “We know how powerful FyuseNet is, as we’ve used it for years in our own work, and we believe that this can be the one beautiful library that everyone uses to accelerate advancements in machine learning.” 

“When we founded Fyusion, one of our goals was to take our team’s technical expertise and use it to solve real world problems facing everyday people,” added Radu Rusu, Fyusion co-founder and CEO. “And since innovations in machine learning happen quickly, we believe that making FyuseNet freely available will help us build a wider community of developers who can collectively contribute as discoveries are made and ensure that even more people can benefit from it for years to come.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, 14 March 2023 12:58