Edmunds Launches EV Battery Insights

By Staff Writer March 01, 2023

Edmunds announced the addition of electric vehicle battery insights to its website to help used-vehicle shoppers make better informed purchase decisions. Through a data integration with Recurrent, a battery range and EV analytics company, Edmunds is one of the first online car shopping resources to offer this valuable intelligence about the health and range of used EV batteries at the VIN level.

Edmunds experts note that this offering is well-timed given record growth in the EV market: According to Edmunds data, EV market share for new vehicles rose to 5.1% in 2022, up from 2.6% in 2021.

“As more and more consumers consider a used EV for their next vehicle purchase, range anxiety continues to be top of mind,” said Greg Shaffer, Edmunds’ vice president of product innovation. “The battery insights offered by Recurrent brings even more transparency to help ease this anxiety among used-car shoppers on Edmunds.”

Since an electric vehicle’s range will fluctuate over time based on battery age and use, Shaffer notes that the integration of EV battery data from Recurrent solves a critical EV shopping pain point by providing consumers an easily digestible view of the vehicle’s Estimated Range.

In addition to vehicle range details, a Recurrent Report — available for free within individual vehicle listings pages — provides added battery insights and data, such as:

  • Battery Range Score: Offering a comparison of the vehicle’s current estimated range to what was typical for the vehicle when new, based on the analysis of thousands of similar vehicles. For example, a Range Score of 97 means that the vehicle is expected to carry 97% of its original range.
  • Weather-specific range predictions based on location and climate: By updating the ZIP code, shoppers are presented with a vehicle’s likely range in the typical weather of that region.
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Last modified on Tuesday, 07 March 2023 12:43