J.D. Power Launches Online Ordering

By Staff Writer January 24, 2023

J.D. Power announced its first entrée in Modern Retailing as a Service with the launch of J.D. Power Online Ordering, a product designed to reduce the friction of completing a new-vehicle transaction online. The new sales software helps automakers, dealers, lenders, marketplaces and digital-retailing websites with the entire online sales process. 

“This is a breakthrough product for an industry that is still grappling with inventory shortages caused by persistent supply chain issues,” said Phillip Battista, president of dealership technologies and head of modern retailing at J.D. Power. “These issues are causing shoppers to bounce from dealer websites without transacting. Online Ordering showcases the ability of J.D. Power to combine unique company assets such as vehicle build data from Chromedata and transaction capabilities from Darwin into the industry’s only online transactional ordering system. It’s the end-to-end payment, documents and protection system that elevates today’s online vehicle-buying experience.” 

Features of the J.D. Power Online Ordering software include:  

  • New-vehicle configuration data for 39 automakers
  • Factory build sheets and order codes for electronic submission
  • Full transaction capabilities with e-signature
  • Real-time, penny-perfect payments with all applicable taxes and incentives for 50 states.
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Last modified on Tuesday, 31 January 2023 13:58