Michigan Carvana dealership has license revoked

By Staff Writer January 14, 2023

The MIchigan Secretary of State had suspended the license of a Carvana dealership in Novi for three years, citing "imminent harm to the public.” The state of Michigan alleged, according to the Detroit News, that Carvana and the dealership owned by Paul Breaux, violated state law regarding timely delivery of titles after a state investigation was prompted by complaints from customers. 

Carvana admitted to violating a probation agreement, improper use of temporary registrations, inability to provide records in a timely manner, failure to submit applications for buyers' titles and registrations within 15 days, and failure to obtain odometer disclosure records. 

Carvana is still able to sell cars in Michigan but car buyers will have to retitle the car in-state once it's received. The suspension occurred in October 2022.

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Last modified on Thursday, 19 January 2023 13:29