Wholesale Market Shows Seasonal Depreciation

By Staff Writer December 29, 2022 372

Black Book’s Weekly Market Insights report shows the market continues to post declines, but the declines from recent weeks have been more in-line with typical seasonal depreciation. However, sales rates at the auctions continue to be less than ideal, with sellers holding firm and buyers being extra cautious as we near the end of the year. The Dec. 24 findings are:

  • On a volume-weighted basis, the overall Car segment decreased -0.74%. For reference, the previous week, cars decreased by -0.83%.
  • All nine Car segments decreased last week, with two of the nine reporting declines greater than 1% (Compact, -1.16%; Sub-Compact, -1.01%).
  • Sporty Car depreciation slowed last week, declining only -0.42%, which was the lowest single week decline since mid-July of this year. The segment has now averaged a weekly decline of -0.86% over the past eight weeks.
  • The volume-weighted, overall Truck segment decreased -0.67%, compared with the prior week’s decline of -0.81%.
  • All thirteen Truck segments reported declines last week, with only one of those reporting a decline of over 1%. The Minivan segment declined -1.12%. The segment has an average weekly decline of -1.21% over the last ten weeks.
  • The Full-Size Luxury Crossover/SUV segment dramatically slowed the rate of depreciation last week, reporting -0.16% compared with the prior week’s -0.76%.
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