By Tony Moorby November 07, 2022

This essay represents 300 columns as part of this splendid publication. A lot has changed since 2009 – not gradual change but sweeping, swallowing change, brushing aside those who would choose to lean on the status quo. The name that applied, not just to change but the rate that it was taking place, was ‘compression’ fueled by technological leaps that doubled in half the amount of time of any previous developments. 

The first iPhone was released just fifteen years ago as a communication adjunct to the iPad. My phone today has 100,000 times the processing power of the computer that ran Apollo 11!!

The world has recognized, in varying degrees, that climate change is real and that we should not only concern ourselves with it but that, as individuals, we can help orchestrate a reversal. Back in 2009 I, like many, snubbed my nose at the prospect of us tiny humans altering the course of our planet’s being, believing that greater processes were at work. Since then, indisputable proof of individuals’ actions, in global concert, are bringing about awful changes. Let’s hope that global conscience can reverse those actions and recast the future for our kids and more possibly, their kids.

In thirteen years, I’ve roved around subjects from boxes of chocolates to political upheaval, pandemics to the price of gas and dogs to discrimination.

Whilst I’ve been in the automobile business all my working life, the folks at Used Car News have allowed my mental meanderings to take whichever direction or subject takes my fancy that week (even down to hours before publishing deadline). The name of the column is “Disconnected Jottings” after all. But I still maintain an avid interest in cars and trucks – their shapes and sizes, colors and construction fascinate me still since being a wide-eyed kid, amazed as technology enabled a greater mobility for everyone.

It’ll be interesting to see how the design disciplines change with the growth of electric vehicles (EVs were another doubtful prospect in my eyes just a few years ago). I don’t think that Tesla’s designs are particularly riveting; perhaps they thought that too radical a shift would have put potential buyers off – too much, too fast. To me they look as interesting as a bathtub!

Ironically manufacturers are pushing a last-minute muscle car shopping list; Cadillac’s Blackwing line is a fine example. Chrysler and Dodge have Hellcats and Demons, likewise, Ford continues to upgrade the Mustang. All candidates for immediate ratings as classics.

More ironically still, classic cars are getting the electric treatment as part of the renovation process – quicker and quieter (why?) than the way they were. I can see the values of true classics blooming for the next few years – what we thought were expensive records today will probably pale by comparison in the not-too-distant future.

I’ve avoided spouting off about politics in the last few years – I used to sling my opinions around like confetti. Those discussions now gain little while offending a lot (to a lot more easily offended audience than once was). Regardless, I still find a great deal to dislike about a system where the average age of our Senators is almost 65 and the House members around 60 and the Supreme Court is now more a group of political fixers than disassociated law makers. Term limits would help stem the growth of corrupt comfort of those in power where their own interests are served before those of their constituents.

I’ve said before that free speech is no longer – but a thriving democracy is lost without it.

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