Tenet Partners with Fintech Firm

By Staff Writer September 30, 2022

Tenet, an EV financing platform, announced a partnership with Xcelerate Auto, a financial tech company with an emphasis on electric vehicles, to couple its EV extended warranty with Tenet’s loan options.

“Working with a company whose mission aligns with ours to revolutionize the EV buying experience is the perfect complement to what we do at Tenet,” said Alex Liegl, CEO and co-founder of Tenet. “We are excited to partner with KJ and the Xcelerate Auto team to make Teslas and all EVs more affordable and look forward to ushering in the mass adoption of electric vehicles.”

Xcelerate Auto designed the first and only Electric Vehicle Service Agreement for Tesla in 2019, and with this partnership, Tenet customers will now have access to package XCare with their current loans. Xcelerate Auto will cover the entire vehicle with the exception of certain excluded items. Since XCare was originally built for Tesla, it was designed to work around Tesla’s direct-to-customer service model, so owners will not have to worry about servicing their vehicles in any different way than intended by Tesla Service.

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Last modified on Friday, 30 September 2022 00:29