NAAA Convention Returns Live, Finally!

By Jeffrey Bellant September 29, 2022 341

DALLASIn early September, the National Auto Auction Association returned in full to the Great State of Texas for its first convention since 2019.

It was a great event, in my opinion, and I heard others say the same.

The day before the opening reception, the Independent Auction Group sponsored a day-long education event on the topic of emotional intelligence. My plane arrived after hat event, but IAG folks seemd to give it good marks.

The exhibit hall was bustling and as a reporter, I always enjoy free pens, notebooks and hats. (As a reporter, I enjoy ‘free’ anything.)

The educational and industry content was top notch.

A fantastic panel on EVs really provided a nuts and bolts view of how this segment will affect the industry.

(I’ll be writing about the panel in a future print issue. Until then, we have a Spotlight story on Glenn Mercer’s pre-amble to the panel, where he gives a great overview of the opportunities and obstacles in the EV market).

Gus Hitz, a supervisory agent from the National Insurance Crime Bureau offered a two-part presentation. He discussed how to de-escalate problems and threats in the workplace with communication tips and tools. The second part focused on catalytic convertor theft.

Adam Crowell of ComplyNet, discussed the rapidly approaching deadline for the new Federal Trade Association Safeguard Rules and how it will affect auctions.

Leaders from Manheim, ADESA and XLerate Group held a discussion on the state of the industry.

The political panel featured a spirted discussion with a couple of high-profile national figures; Donna Brazile, former campaign manager for Al Gore’s presidential bid, and Michael Steele, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee and an MSNBC pundit.

NAAA also brought in country artist Jake Owens for entertainment.

The event closed with the awards ceremony and some western style fun; mechanical bull riding, mechanical calf roping and real live armadillo racing. 

The armadillos were not happy.

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