ZeroSum Predicts New Vehicle Inventory Growth

By Staff Writer September 27, 2022

By the end of September, new vehicle inventory will be up 16.69% from the start of August while used vehicle inventory will be down 1.15%, according to ZeroSum. New car prices fell 0.97% in September to an average of $47,961 while used car prices fell 0.83% to $33,957.

The ZeroSum Market First Report is an auto industry source that predicts month-end vehicle movement, providing vital supply and demand trend data to automotive marketers and dealers.

As inventory remained relatively low over the first seven months of the year, Reuters reports that automotive ad spending fell 4% year-over-year and was 12.7% lower than in the same period in 2019. This is because despite high demand, there simply were not enough cars available to sell, according to ZeroSum.

Now, ZeroSum is seeing the biggest rise in new vehicle inventory since the first month of the year. This means things could soon change for auto dealers.

The report states new vehicle inventory has increased substantially this month, leading to lower prices for both new and used cars.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 28 September 2022 13:21