Cognosos Launches Mobile Location Tool

By Staff Writer September 05, 2022

Cognosos, a provider of real-time asset location solutions, is offering the mobile version of its OnSpot technology. This technology can help ensure all cars are in their assigned lanes on auction day and bring functionality to teams in the field by simplifying manual tasks.

OnSpot mobile provides vehicle location visibility to mobile devices—and coupled with the system’s geofencing capabilities—helps teams position vehicles in their assigned lanes prior to auction day. It also directs them to the location of vehicles not in their lanes, as well as those at risk of missing their assignments.

“The auction landscape is increasingly competitive and exacerbated by labor shortages and increasing labor costs,” said Cognosos Chief Product Officer Adrian Jennings. “Maximizing the sales and throughput of an auction facility requires careful orchestration and planning to efficiently move vehicles.”

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Last modified on Friday, 09 September 2022 14:10