NuVinAir Targets Rental Business

By Staff Writer August 18, 2022

NuVinAir, which offers a suite of patented and proprietary products that safely creates healthy vehicle interiors, announced the expansion of its product portfolio.

The new offering, NuVinAir ReTurn, will be available nationwide to rental-car companies starting September 1.

Rental companies are holding onto their fleets longer, so better solutions are needed to preserve their vehicles as the miles accrue. NuVinAir created ReTurn to allow national rental partners to treat a broader range of vehicles for mild to mid-range odor through their patented technology.

“Fast and cost-effective, ‘ReTurn’ is exclusively formulated for our national rental-car partners and quickly gets vehicles back on the road with a clean, healthy interior that customers will appreciate — and already demand,” said Kyle Bailey, CEO and founding partner of NuVinAir. “We consult with automotive businesses to maximize customer experience, operational efficiency, safety, and profitability. Our new proprietary product is one of the best ways to boost customer-satisfaction scores and improve operational efficiency to achieve the pinnacle of rental renewal in minutes — and the untapped opportunity is exponential.”

The innovative product treats a broader range of vehicles, including aged inventory and those with mild to mid-range odors. The most common forms of aggressive odor removers — ozone machines, foggers, chlorine-in-a-cup, and fragrances — are often too strong or even toxic to use with less pungent issues, leaving a large portion of their fleets under-treated or even untreated.

Among NuVinAir’s other proprietary product offerings is its autonomous Cyclone treatment, a safe, fast and effective way to provide healthy, clean vehicle interiors. The Cyclone is used with ReTurn, ReFresh and ReStore, to freshen a vehicle’s interior, as well as eliminate odor and reset the vehicle to a like-new condition. Rounding out NuVinAir’s product portfolio, ReKlenz-X is a high-performance stain remover and an EPA-approved, eco-friendly disinfectant that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses on vehicle surfaces. As part of its product portfolio, ReNuSurface is an eco-friendly, all-in-one cleaner that replaces multiple products to save on supply costs.

Recently, NuVinAir announced the Dallas-based company’s expansion of its franchise program to 33 states, with more than one-third of them being added this year alone.

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