Rand McNally Launches Asset Tracker Tools

By Staff Writer August 10, 2022

Rand McNally, a provider of commercial transportation and innovative fleet technology, launched an expanded asset tracker lineup – all now available on the company’s flexible Rand Platform.

Along with a solar-powered tracker and a battery-driven version, the company is now offering a wired option for customers who require constant location tracking with alerts/pings every two minutes.

Rand McNally’s new wired asset tracker, the W110, is now available on the Rand Platform along with a solar-powered version and a battery-powered tracker.

“We have customers who transport very high-value cargo and need to know where it is at all times,” explained Adam Ricketts, vice president of product at Rand McNally. “We were able to develop this wired solution and get it running on the Rand Platform, which enables even more access to key information such as external temperature and humidity readings.”

The wired tracker, the TrueTrack W110, connects and supplies pings every two-minutes as a standard offering. The industries’ average ping rates on wireless trackers can range anywhere from once every 30 minutes to once per day – depending upon need and situation.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 10 August 2022 12:54