KBB Opens Service Advisor to Consumers

By Staff Writer July 04, 2022 217

Service Advisor is designed to help car owners identify local auto repair shops and find fair prices for services rendered, according to Kelley Blue Book. Referencing data stemming from millions of services performed, Service Advisor answers key ownership questions like what services are needed and when to have them performed and most importantly, how much it should cost based on similar repairs in the area.

According to the Cox Automotive Monthly Repair Order Revenue Index, the cost of repairs is on the rise. Average revenue generated per repair order rose for the sixth consecutive month after levelling off in November 2021. At 126.8, the Repair Order Revenue Index for May 2022 was up 11.7% year-over-year and up 0.08% from April 2022.  (The index is benchmarked from January 2019 at a value of 100 to show comparison over time.)

Service Advisor also provides insight on common problems car owners face and a Q&A forum where owners can ask service-related questions. Additionally, Service Advisor brings recalls to the forefront. Not only will consumers receive information on whether a vehicle has a recall, but they can also opt-in to real-time recall alerts with a list of local dealers who can repair the issue.

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Last modified on Friday, 08 July 2022 11:58