ABCoA Launches New DMS

By Staff Writer June 20, 2022

Advanced Business Computers of America, a software-as-a-service company entrenched in the used car industry and known for Deal Pack and cyclCRM, announced a new and revolutionary dealer management software called DST Dealership Sales Tools.

DST Dealership Sales Tools is a browser-based DMS for retail used car dealerships providing unlimited users and locations for $1 per deal.

DST is a brand-new, browser-based DMS built specifically for retail used car dealers. It will help Dealers manage inventory and push to websites, desk deals, pull credit, print contracts, attain instant funding, and much more. DST offers many standard integrations at no charge, with more to come. Connect DST and cyclCRM for a fully integrated CRM and to provide consumers a completely online shopping experience. DST does not charge by the seat or rooftop; DST charges $1 per deal for unlimited users and unlimited locations. 

“ABCoA has pioneered software in the used car industry for nearly 40 years,” said Amir Dabiri of ABCoA. “Over the years, I have converted dozens of DMS systems onto ABCoA software, and I have never seen a DMS as slick and easy as DST. Majority of dealerships know they need a new DMS, but they are scared how their team will adapt to change. I promise anyone can use DST, even if they have never used a computer.”

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Last modified on Monday, 20 June 2022 12:46