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By Jeffrey Bellant June 16, 2022 154

Used Car News recently asked several industry leaders their reading suggestions for our annual Summer Book Recommendations. You can check out their choices in our May 30 online print edition.

However, we had some additional suggestions that came in after deadline, so I wanted to include these as well because YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH BOOKS!

Pierre Pons, president of TPC management, emailed these great selections:

“Here are a couple of books in my recent reading: “The Ride of a Lifetime,” by Robert Iger, former CEO of Walt Disney Company

“Easily the most interesting of these post-CEO essays, that I’ve ever read – and I’ve read most of them,” Pons said. “Who doesn’t want to know the behind-the-scenes thinking of a Disney CEO.”

Pons also suggested Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun,” by Wess Roberts, which he called, “One of the all-time best management/leadership books ... right up there with ‘One Minute Manager and ‘Good to Great,’ and all the Jack Welch books combined.”

Pons said he was originally forced to read this since he was assigned to lead a discussion on the book for the Auction Academy’s Dallas session.

“This book has been ‘required’ reading for each of our seven Academy Classes (which means ... at least 100 others in our industry have read it).

“I would submit that each and every manager in our industry should pick it up and read it every two years (as that is our class rotation). Every time I read this book it has different meanings and lessons as I progress thru my career. It short, easy – and full of great bits.”

Pons also added two more Auction Academy picks, “The Hero Code” and Make Your Bed, both by Admiral William H. McRaven, a former Navy SEAL.

They are quick/ short insightful and super inspirational,” Pons said. “The author’s May 19, 2014, Commencement Speech at the University of Texas is something I make each of our Academy classes watch on their Graduation Session. It too is inspirational.” 


Cox Automotive’s Michelle Krebs recommended:

                Named one of the Best Business Books of 2021. 

Collision Course: Carlos Ghosn and the Culture Wars That Upended an Auto Empire,” by Hans Greimel and William Sposato.

She also offered a fiction series selection.

“I am also reading (and re-reading, in some cases) the Louise Penny series,” Krebs said. “She is a Canadian writer – I’m follow her on Facebook, which is fun. The crimes take place in and around a town called Three Pines in Quebec, Canada – closest city is Montreal.

“The center around francopone Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. The town’s characters are an interesting and entertaining lot. Amazon is making the first eight books into a series. Actor Alfred Molina will play Gamache, which is perfect. I’m trying to read at least the first eight books before the series starts.”

Cox’s Mark Schirmer, director of public relations, added his own choices:

“Last fall, I read Power Play,’ by Tim Higgins.  It is a good read and interesting look at the early years of Tesla (pre Model 3), but unfortunately it is really only the first chapter in what is likely a multi-book saga.  Higgins does a good job with what he has, but when he sat down to write it, the story was still unfolding. I hope he’s working on a follow up.

“Another interesting book I am reading right now is How I Built This’ by Guy Raz.  I am a sucker for origin stories and do listen to Guy Raz’s podcast of the same name.  And I always enjoyed The TED Radio Hour when Guy was the host.  The book is good – lots of lessons to be learned from some amazing startups. And failures.”

Thanks everyone for your suggestions.

Since I’m writing this piece, I can add one more that I didn’t include in the print edition.

I forgot to add a great book called, A Man at Arms,’ by Steven Pressfield. The author’s most famous historical novel is ‘Gates of Fire,’ about the 300 Spartans and their battle at Thermopylae.

But his new one is a story about a former Roman legionary. He is hired by the Empire to intercept a letter from a religious leader headed to his reportedly radical followers in Corinth.

It’s a story filed with history, courage, violence, war and faith, with an incredible ending.


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