Auction Celebrates 76th Anniversary, New Name

By Staff Writer June 16, 2022

The corporate team of America’s Auto Auction attended the sale of its newly branded America’s Auto Auction Erie, as the auction celebrated its 76th anniversary and introduced dealers to the auction’s new name.

The former Corry Auto Dealers Exchange was inaugurated as America’s AA Erie, one of the 16 XLerate Group auctions adopting the name and logo of AAA. 

The anniversary sale featured lanes full of cars, food and giveaways, as dealers from surrounding areas joined the celebration.

Another event folded into the anniversary was the annual benefit for Barber National Institute (BNI), an organization that provides services to children and adults with autism, intellectual disabilities, or behavioral and health challenges. 

For every vehicle purchased during the sale, the auction donated $5 to BNI on behalf of their dealers and pledged to match this donation during the 76th Anniversary Sale.

“We believe in taking care of our community, and we are proud of the money we’ve raised for Barber National Institute through the years,” said General Manager Kerri Rotunda. “This charity event allows us to join with our dealers in giving support to a very important community program, and this year we raised over $1,750.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 22 June 2022 16:11