Risk Point to Add Staff Meteorologist

By Staff Writer June 06, 2022

With weather severity increasing, Risk Point recognizes the need to help dealers improve their reaction to damaging weather. Risk Point’s meteorologist will provide daily detailed weather communications to dealers that are forecast to be in the path of severe weather. These communications will be targeted to specific dealer locations to be more precise than the forecasts provided by the broadcast media. 

Risk Point promises dealers will be able to prepare their locations and act in a timely manner to protect their inventory. These daily communications will assist Risk Point’s dealers in controlling their insurance costs by reducing losses, preserving the quality of the dealer’s inventory, and minimizing deductibles.

“Dealers recognize that it is much more costly to have a hail loss than to protect the inventory,” said Risk Point CEO Gary Marshall. “We want to give the best information to dealers so they can easily decide whether their inventory should be moved to protection.”

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Last modified on Tuesday, 07 June 2022 12:08