E2 Mobility Partners with Cox Automotive

By Staff Writer May 27, 2022

E2 Mobility Inc. announced that Cox Automotive Mobility will provide logistics and business solutions for the planned launch of its next-generation smart mobility fleet.

E2 Mobility will utilize Cox Automotive Mobility’s suite of digital and physical fleet solutions, including the company’s comprehensive service-management solution, fleet platform and vehicle connectivity solutions combined with its integrated marketplace of the leading commercial and independent repair shops and mobile maintenance service providers to maximize uptime for its vehicles. As technology advances and Cox Automotive Mobility develops new services, such as EV battery lifecycle management solutions, E2 Mobility expects this collaboration to keep their fleet operating at the highest level of competitiveness in the smart mobility market.

E2 aims to dramatically improve the economics of mobility services by lowering vehicle costs-per-mile for operators, while simultaneously increasing revenue potential by providing access to a digital platform connected to the smart mobility ecosystem.

“The services provided by Cox Automotive Mobility align well with our vision to create the future of smart mobility by reducing operators’ costs and optimizing the lifecycle of our vehicles,” said Theodoros Papaspyridis, CEO and Founder of E2 Mobility.

The vision of E2 started more than a decade ago with the innovations of Edison2, which won the mainstream competition of the 2010 Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize thanks to an ultra-efficient vehicle design and patented in-wheel suspension system.

The team that became E2 set out to solve the problem of economic sustainability for shared mobility by merging the smart mobility concept with a purpose-built electric vehicle to do the job. The result is the E2 Flex, a Smart Mobility Vehicle (SMV) that delivers at least a 50% reduction in energy needs, and with integrated technology to optimize the operators’ access to revenue-generating opportunities.

“As the needs of a smart mobility future come into focus, having Cox Automotive as part of our strategy puts E2 in a position to make a serious impact,” said Papaspyridis.

“We look forward to working with E2 Mobility to enhance the flow, health, and lifecycle of its vehicles through our digital-first suite of fleet solutions,” said Alex Fraser, AVP of fleet operations, Cox Automotive Mobility.

E2 will build its SMV with globally renowned partners, including partnerships for platform licensing, prototype development, and application design, with projections to deploy a fleet of around 1 million SMVs in the United States by 2030.

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Last modified on Friday, 27 May 2022 12:33