Lender Adds Luxury, Collector Car Division

By Staff Writer May 20, 2022

Luxury Asset Capital, provider of alternative financing, announced the establishment of its Luxury and Collector Car Division. The new division is the second Luxury Asset Capital operation based in Beverly Hills, Calif., joining Beverly Loan, the region’s leading collateral lender.
The Luxury and Collector Car Division will support the introduction of luxury and collector cars as an accepted asset class for collateral loans issued by Beverly Loan, presenting the region’s many car collectors and enthusiasts with an easy way to quickly generate additional capital without having to sell one or more of their cars.

The Luxury and Collector Car Division will also partner with leading auction houses, insurance companies, luxury storage facilities, restoration shops, and car clubs to broaden the awareness and understanding of collateral lending as a financing strategy.
“As we have seen in other asset classes, partnering with trusted members in an asset class community to ease access to collateral lending services is an effective growth strategy,” said Dewey Burke, Founder and CEO of Luxury Asset Capital. “However, success requires deep expertise to be able to properly value and care for these assets, as well as speak the language of their owners. Our Luxury and Collector Car Division couples that expertise with the liquidity we can provide in only a few business days.”

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Last modified on Wednesday, 25 May 2022 19:39